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We are a new digital based label created to help independent artist sell and promote their music by creating partnerships and joint ventures on their music releases.

High Priority Music Distribution + Chance To Get Discovered. No Fees + U Own 100% Of Your Music Rights.

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Powerful Data

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It’s a partnership. You (the artist) give us (the label) your finished project which we will share in the ownership of the master splits. Each project will vary and be negotiated based on the services you need us to provide.

We distribute your music to all major digital music services and we are a fully autonomous powerhouse. We have music production, digital marketing, content and music promotion capabilities all at your reach to help promote your music & propel your career.
Current Artist Spotlight

Keith Jacobs “Saucy” Lyric Video

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

Playlist Pitching

We pitch your music to genre specific playlists for your release.

Data Nerds

Our team will your mine your data and provide in-depth analytics to guide your career.

Super Fresh

Let our team of expert marketers and brand managers create a portfolio of your brand.

Social Media

Let us create a tailored social media strategy to increase followers & engagament.

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